Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I trade directly in Digital Booth?
Answer: Yes.

How to deposit money?
Answer: You can deposit money directly at the Booth or it can be deposited in the bank account.

What news is given to buy shares?
Answer: No. Giving news is not legal.

What is the minimum amount of money that can be invested in the capital market?
Answer: You can start investing by buying a share with the lowest price in the secondary market. However, in case of IPO, usually to invest Tk.5,000.

What to do to withdraw money?
Answer: Making a requisition on the app/web site, the money will go to the investor's bank.

When do you have to pay to buy shares?
Answer: After BO account opening, if investment deposit is confirmed, the shares can be purchased on the same day during the trade time.

Is there a legal basis for Digital Booths?
Answer: Digital Booths are operated with the permission of the government agency Bangladesh Security Exchange Commission.

Can investment money be lost?
Answer: The investor's money will be credited to the investor's account only.